About Us

In an effort to naturally rid herself from depression, anxiety and low confidence, Roechelle Lucas (Founder) set forth on a journey of total wellness. Research led her to the power of meditation, positive affirmations, prayer, exercise and eating better, after months of practicing, she actually started to feel better...everything wasn't doom and gloom after all, yes, there was still moments of emotional struggle, but she also saw light beyond the lies of anxiety and depression. Roechelle paired her new lifestyle with writing, making adorable handmades and curating zen-things and birthed Somewhat Zen. However, it wasn’t until she married her sweetheart and biggest cheerleader (Leroy Lucas) that she started taking Somewhat Zen beyond a helpful-hobby. Together they thought, if it helped one person, then the values of Somewhat Zen can also help others struggling with depression and anxiety. So today, the adorable power-couple happily run this thing together.

Of course, we are only human and the roller coasters of life often pops up, so we cannot be Zen all the time, but we sure can be, Sometimes.

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